2016 Prices

These prices are more as a guide to how much you can expect our team to quote you, The prices below are based on Warhammer fantasy miniatures and vary from mini to mini, Depending on how complex the models are to put together, the size and how detailed the mini/miniatures are.

Model type Price per model [Tabletop] Price per model [High Quality]
Smaller sized Single miniatures on 20mm square bases -Troops/Infantry £3.50 £6
Single miniatures on 20mm square bases -Troops/Infantry £5 £8
Larger Single miniatures on 25mm square bases -Troops/Infantry £8 £12
Characters on foot -HQ Models £10 £15
Mounted miniatures -Troops/Infantry £10 £15
Mounted characters -HQ Models £15 £25
Monsters 40mm square bases -Troops/Infantry £10 £15
Monster characters 40mm square bases -HQ Models £20 £30
Large models -HQ Models on Monster/Large Mount £30 £50
Extra Large models £60 £120
Huge models £120+ £240+

Prices for Competition level of painting are to be quoted by the Painters. In most cases are double the price of our high quality standard…

*prices do not include the cost of shipping which the buyer is expected to pay for*

Optional Extras – Building & Paint prep [removal of mold lines, filling gaps etc]

Troops £1-£2
Monsters/mounted toops £3-£5
Large/Huge monsters £10-£30

* All pricing are based on 28mm miniatures and incledes varnishing and basing.. It does not include the price of the miniature itself, but we can buy the miniatures for you for the standard price*

Base options include choice of grass, static grass, gravel, sand, paint, or a combination of any two choices. Anything other than that is considered a custom base, and will incur additional charges.

Note: Sculpting Prices are quoted via e-mail